Coaley Peak family photo shoot – Part One

Part One of a family shoot at Coaley Peak in Gloucestershire with stunning views over river Severn and Wales. It didn’t feel like December at all, the weather was warm and sunny. I love the unusual shapes of the bubbles we got because of the wind.

2 23 DSC_0311_edited-1

3 24 DSC_0529_edited-1

4 29 DSC_0577_edited-1

25 DSC_0561

6 collage coaley 1_edited-1

5 28 DSC_0537_edited-1

7 coll

8 48 DSC_0344_edited-1

9 coll

10 52 DSC_0390-2_edited-1

11 41 DSC_0247_edited-1

13 col

14 67 DSC_0761_edited-1

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