1 DSC_2535_edited-1

A trip to a local park while staying at my mum’s. It’s nice to see that my children are enjoying the same things like I did when I was little. Winter was always a great fun and some of the most enjoyable things were simple pleasures like being thrown into the deep snow (as soft as a feather bed)  and then climbing our  way out and waddling back (asking for more until we were told  that’s enough), and shaking small trees covered in snow to create our own snow storm. And here are my children doing just that and loving it.

2 DSC_2537_edited-1

They were playing hide and seek here and my brother was hiding under the tree (you can just spot him in the first photo)

3 DSC_2541

4 coll 1

5 DSC_2603_edited-1

6 DSC_2606

7 DSC_2651_edited-1 8 coll 2 9 DSC_2662_edited-1A frosty winter sunset in the park

11 DSC_2512_edited-1

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