Winter wonderland

While we are looking forward to a white Friday here in England, I would like to share these winter wonderland photos taken on a sunny January day in Russia. My British friends are often surprised by the lack of snow men and snow balls, but this is because you only get sticky snow when temperature is about zero, and for the most of Russian winter when it’s well below zero you get powdery and fluffy snow that does not make a snow ball!

1 DSC_2763_edited-1

2 DSC_2753_edited-1

A Happy Meal for this blue tit.

5 p col 1

4 DSC_1430_edited-1

6 DSC_2750_edited-1

7 DSC_2772_edited-1

8 DSC_2790_edited-1

Don’t know which bird this is but it was certainly very hungry eating two seeds at once!

8 DSC_2802_edited-1

10 DSC_2805_edited-1

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