More photos from Becky and Marks wedding in Gloucestershire. I love the wedding cake with sugar models of the whole family and all their animals. Wedding ceremony photos are in Part One

“Thank you very much for tacking such great and professional care of all our wedding photography and all your hard work, care and attention on the day. I believe that people like you who are very good at what they do generally make it look easy which you certainly did, your calm, unobtrusive and relaxed manner enables you access to many situations that other photographers simply would not get into and your excellent photos of our wedding day say far more of your talent than I ever can.

When we first got the photo’s we spent the evening looking through the highlight photos, which were absolutely amazing, I went through them quite a few times. We then looked through the entire photo’s that were taken and they were all brilliant in very different ways too, touching moments captured of family and friends, and some funny ones too. 

I have been very lucky to have attended lots of weddings and have become used to the usual normally tiresome photography process but we were very pleasantly surprised by your relaxed and friendly approach to what can often be a difficult process. Our friends and family who have seen the photos have all commented on how good you and your photos are, in fact you blended in so well that my father did not even realize you were the photographer and thought you were just another guest taking pictures! .

Normally I do not like to be in let alone see photographs of myself and have always believed that I am just one of those people who are simply not photogenic but when we looked through the huge quantity of photos you sent us amazingly there is not a single photo you have taken with me in that I do not like and the ones without me in are even better.

You have captured our wedding day perfectly, you obviously have a terrific ability to be in just the right place at just the right time and more often than not the people in your photos clearly do not even know you are there, well done and thanks again.


The Maidments.”

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