Stroud Farmers’ Market – Gloucestershire & Cotswolds

I was going to do this post a few months ago and all the photos were taken back in April! I love our local Stroud Farmers’ market – one of the best farmers markets in UK. You can find a large range of delicious British produce and unique handmade items, but most of all I like it for its atmosphere – it’s a great place to be on a Saturday morning. Here are only a few of my favourite stalls.

Hobbs House bakery for their bread and cakes


The Garlic Farm for their garlic butter (great with home grown potatoes!)


White Lake Cheeses for the best goats cheese. There is no other cheese that I like more than Rachel.


Local eggs


Stroud Brewery and Plenty Pastry for the best pie&pint 




Handmaids stall for a range of hand crafted goodies.



Stroud Farmers’ Market -The South West’s Most Awarded Farmers’ Market -is on every Saturday 9 am till 2 pm.

Cornhill Market Place & Surrounding Streets, Stroud


For a full list of stalls and when to find them

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