Last week I happened to be in London and managed to get a couple of hours of kids-free time. I did a spot of Christmas shopping but most of the time I spent admiring shop window displays, they were amazing! I only had a spare camera with me and one lens so please excuse the quality of these photos. A model of Selfridges in a snowglobe looked cute and the window displays made out of gingerbread were incredible. Harrods had the most dazzling and glamorous display that I wish I had time to study in great detail. John Lewis had some cute models of animals made out of homewares and kitchen utensils. More photos below.

1 DSC_3244_wweb

2 DSC_3268-wweb

3 col1

3 col8

4 col9

5 DSC_3174_wweb

5col5 6 col2

6 DSC_3198

7 col10

8 col11

9 DSC_3237_wweb

10 col7

11 DSC_3283_wweb

12 col6

13 col12 14 col3

15 col4

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