I really enjoyed this cake smash photo session and the cake was delicious! What a lovely idea for a first birthday photo shoot. Here are some of the cake smash photos.
2 DSC_2374-2_edited-1
3w c5_edited-1

3 DSC_2351_edited-1
2w c14_edited-1
4 DSC_2381-2_edited-1
4 DSC_2387-2_edited-1
5w c4_edited-1
6 DSC_2406-2_edited-1
7w c6_edited-1
8 DSC_2459_edited-1
9w c8_edited-1
10 DSC_2444-3_edited-1
11 c10
11 DSC_2560_edited-1
12 DSC_2564_edited-1
17 wc15_edited-1
13 DSC_2559_edited-1
14w c7_edited-1
15 DSC_2651_edited-1
16 DSC_2655_edited-1

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