I couldn’t fault Libby & Luke’s wedding day if I tried. They got married at The Manor House Hotel in Moreton-in-Marsh on a sunny summer day, and had a beautiful outdoor ceremony with harp music creating the perfect ambience for this stylish Cotswold wedding. The reading from the story “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Libby’s mum added a lovely touch. The ceremony was conducted by Madeleine – the friendliest registrar I’ve met so far, which made my job a little bit easier! For Bride & Groom photos we went to the nearby Batsford arboretum, which Libby and Luke chose for lots of space and natural backdrops. The speeches were very touching and humorous, and the couple received lots of special gifts including a teddy that Libby played with as a little girl. The smallest gift was a single pea that Luke received for his “princess”. Libby certainly looked like a princess in her beautiful dress! The bouquet toss was very popular and was done not once but twice, and the lucky ladies seemed to be very pleased with their catch. What I loved about this wedding was the relaxed atmosphere as everyone seemed to be having fun. Libby and Luke enjoyed their wedding cake and didn’t stop at having a formal cake cutting shot but really put their hearts into cutting and tasting it. Each level had different flavour and looked delicious.

Libby and Luke met on holiday a few years ago when Luke borrowed Libby’s suncream. Their holiday romance had the perfect ending with this beautiful Cotswold wedding. I’ve only met them a few times but I feel Libby and Luke complement each other and make a great couple. I would like to wish them a very happy marriage and to enjoy themselves while they travel the world. I loved meeting them and being their photographer!

The beautiful flowers we provided by The Bespoke Flower company based in Painswick, make up was done by Jo Stewart and hair by Natasha Wells. The guests enjoyed music by harpist Christine Kinder. Videographer of the day was Andy Barnard, it was nice to work with you!

What I always find really hard is selecting photos to blog. There are hundreds of photos that I love and it takes some time to narrow them down to a manageable selection that still tells the story of the day but is not too big! For this reason I exclude most of group and family shots. Here are my personal favourite photos of the day.

“Oh Camilla, the photos are just absolutely beautiful and I cannot thank you enough! We were really worried about the photography when we began planning the wedding as there are so many photographers to choose from, but we definitely made the right choice going with you. You have such a talent and an eye for small beautiful details. Thank you so much again, Libby and Luke x”

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