This twin photo session was inspired by a book I read to my daughter a while ago. It was called Princess Mirror- Belle and was about a girl who finds her double appearing out of a mirror and together they go on all sort of adventures before the double disappears into the mirror again. We had fun shooting this last spring. I would have preferred softer evening light for a more fairy tale look but we didn’t have another chance to do this. Here are some of my favourite photos (more photos under the collage).

0 collage web_edited-wm

1 DSC_1338 2 c m 4 col 3_edited-1 wweb 4 DSC_1354 6 c m 2 7 DSC_1378 8 DSC_1400 9 DSC_1375 10 DSC_1549 10 DSC_1557 11 DSC_1526 12 DSC_1533 13 DSC_1545 14 c m 4 15 DSC_1468 16 DSC_1457 17 DSC_1581 18 DSC_1589 18 DSC_1597 19 DSC_1410 20 DSC_1502 20 DSC_1504 21 DSC_1447 22DSC_1599 23 DSC_1547-2 24 DSC_1635 25 c m5 26 DSC_1639 c m7

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