I am pleased to share my first set of pregnancy timeline photos. Kati and I met once a month to photograph her growing bump and I really wanted to capture seasonal changes in the garden as well as her changing shape – snowdrops to spring blossom, summer flowers and finally apples. I am delighted to announce that Kati is a mum a beautiful baby boy now and has moved to Scotland (hence no baby photo).

0 collage kati 1_edited-1 March
1 march DSC_1594 (2)_edited-1 April

2 april DSC_3284_edited-1 May 3 May DSC_0737 (2)_edited-1 June 4 June DSC_5147 (7)_edited-1 July 5 July DSC_0216-2 (5)_edited-1 August 6 Aug DSC_1622 (5)_edited-1 September 7 Sep DSC_1578 (8)_edited-1 8 ma_edited-1 9 am_edited-1 10 mj_edited-1 11 ja_edited-1 12 main coll_wweb
0 main coll new_wweb1

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