I am delighted to share this set of pregnancy and newborn photos. Katerina and I first met when she was 10 weeks pregnant and carried on meeting once a month at the same spot under this beautiful tree and we managed to capture her growing baby bump and her gorgeous new baby as well as the full circle of seasonal changes from bare tree branches in March to vibrant autumn colours (and pumpkins!) in October. We used fruit and vegetables to show the size of her growing baby. It was a pleasure meeting Katerina and I enjoyed working with her and creating lovely memories for her family to keep.

0 col all_edited-wweb_edited-800

11 col march_edited-wweb

11a march DSC_1501_w 12 col apr_edited-wweb 12a apr DSC_3025_edited-w 13 col_edited-wweb 13a may DSC_7833_edited-w 14 col_edited-wweb 14a june DSC_6118_w 15 col_edited-wweb 15a july DSC_0135_w 15b aug DSC_6919_w 16 col_edited-wweb 16a sep DSC_0218_w 17 col_edited-wweb 17a oct DSC_9549_w 18 DSC_0991_w 19 col_edited-wweb 20 DSC_0985_edited-w 21 coll_edited-wweb 23 spot collage_wweb_edited-1

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