Caroline and Ben got married at The Old Victorian School Stroud Registry office and had their reception at The Beehive Pub in Cheltenham. Caroline wore a 1960s’ lace dress and had a bespoke handmade fascinator and a bouquet by Gemma Sangwine. I just loved the keepsake bouquet made from fabric flowers and decorated with some memorable items: among vintage brooches and butterflies there were shells, a “Plymouth” keyring (where the couple met) and a Lego couple – a skiing girl (Caroline, as Ben proposed while on a skiing holiday) and a DIY enthusiast boy (Ben). Caroline and Ben chose beautiful views of Slad for their Bride and Groom photos before heading off to their pub reception at The Beehive in Montpellier, Cheltenham (what a beautiful venue!). It was a pleasure to meet Caroline and Ben, and I really enjoyed being their wedding photographer. Here are some of their wedding photos.

“My husband and myself are normally very camera shy. Initially we declined to have ‘posed’ photos away from our guests on our wedding day. However, with some friendly persuasion, Camilla’s enthusiasm rubbed off on us and we decided to take Camilla up on this opportunity. We were both really surprised about how relaxed we felt in front of the camera. Camilla has a relaxed, friendly, adaptable style which made this possible. Camilla has produced some beautiful photos that we will cherish forever. We are thrilled with the results.” Caroline & Ben

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