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Stroud Farmers’ Market – Gloucestershire & Cotswolds

I was going to do this post a few months ago and all the photos were taken back in April! I love our local Stroud Farmers’ market – one of the best farmers markets in UK. You can find a large range of delicious British produce and unique handmade items, but most of all I like it for its atmosphere – it’s a great place to be … Read More Stroud Farmers’ Market – Gloucestershire & Cotswolds

Food Photography – Plenty Pastry

A few shots from a recent food photography commission for Plenty Pastry. These pies are delicious, with a choice of interesting meat, game and vegetarian fillings. I have tried many of them, and the biggest surprise was probably  their Glasgow pie – for a veggie pie it was very tasty and satisfying! You can find Plenty pies in some delicatessen, restaurants, and markets including our local Stroud … Read More Food Photography – Plenty Pastry