I had some gorgeous babies (as well as families and children) coming to my Christmas photo shoot this year, which was sold out in less than 12 hours! I am so pleased with the feedback, here are just a few comments: “They are totally gorgeous! Oh my gosh our boy looks so beautiful, you’ve really caught him so well. Thank you SO MUCH! Made me cry many happy mama tears 🙂 x”, “Thank you so so much, beautiful pictures I can’t stop looking at them and I’ve had a big smile on my face since your email came through. :)”, “Hi Camilla thank you, thank you, thank you – we absolutely love the pictures and can’t believe you got such lovely pics in such a short space of time.”

Thanks to all the mums and dads for the team effort to get some beautiful shots of your babies and thanks for letting me share them! Here are just a few photos, how cute are these babies?

c2_edited-1 c3_edited-1 c5_edited-1 c4_edited-1 c1_edited-1 w DSC_3117-2_edited-1

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