I did this family photo session back in November and just loved the family –  we had fun and took lots of photos, some of my favourite ones are below

coll main_edited-wweb blog

24 bev small-14_edited-wweb

2 col1_edited-wweb

3 bev small-41_edited-wweb

4 bev small-44_edited-wweb

5 col5_edited-wweb

6 col6_edited-wweb

7 bev small-31_edited-wweb

8 bev small-32_edited-wweb

9 bev small-46_edited-wweb

10 coll7_edited-wweb

11 bev small-78_edited-wweb

12 bev small-67_edited-wweb

13 col4_edited-wweb

14 Bev small-57_14 edited-wweb

15 bev small-60_edited-wweb

16 Bev small-64_edited-wweb

17 bev small-58_edited-wweb

18 bev small-12_edited-wweb

19 col2_edited-wweb

20 bev small-73_edited-wweb

21 bev small-108_edited-wweb

22 col3_edited-wweb

23 bev small-135_edited-wweb

1 bev small-15_edited-wweb



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