This is by no means an exhaustive list but some of the tips I have for better bridal prep photos

1) Remove clutter. Plastic bags, suitcases, boxes, etc. I often start shooting with asking to move things around and a bit of tidying up.

2) Prepare some nice dress hangers, they look so much better than cheap plastic hangers! Personalised bridesmaids’ hangers add a lovely finishing touch and make great keepsake gifts.

3) Have some matching robes or dressing gowns for the bridal party.

4) Allow enough time for hair and make up. A long and relaxed morning is better than stressing about being late.

5) Don’t forget to have fun!

6) Remember to eat and drink water, it a long day!

7) Make sure plenty of detail shots are taken, especially of items of personal significance.

8) Allow plenty of time to get dressed. Some dresses take ages to do up. A crochet hook really helps with button back wedding gowns.

9) Include your children.  A little child under a veil or playing with bridal shoes makes cute photos. Small children will probably not remember your wedding day, have a good record to show them later.

10) Be ready in good time to allow enough time for photos. The rest of the day will go in flash, now it’s a good time to do some bridal portraits while your hair, make up and flowers are still fresh.

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